MOBILE HOTEL is a new mobile platform for personalized communication and interaction with guests. The platform was created to meet the needs of the tourism sector in which the companies and the employees administer the daily tasks of providing quick and accurate information; interaction and communication with the guests; giving information to a large number of people; booking services, etc. People are seeking for information through various channels every day, but this application combines all the channels in one place in a single device. The whole platform can be personalized with its functionality and design adapted to the needs of the client.


Open hotel room, apartment and any common area with your smartphone. The new generation digital MOBILE KEY offers you complete freedom. MOBILE KEY can be used for hotel guest and for hotel employees.


The guest app has a large number of functionalities, such as: guests can open hotel rooms and apartments with a digital mobile key, make orders and reservations in all facilities, use geo location and navigate with the "virtual tour", review information and content, etc. The guest can interactively communicate with all partners (service providers) in the vicinity, such as: restaurants, spa, fitness, reception, hotel staff, maintenance staff and many others. All the content in MOBILE HOTEL platform is arranged in a few simple categories which allows easier navigation. With a single click guest can see interesting sights, review timetables of public transportation, make restaurant reservations, order coffee and much more.


With TASK MANAGER hotel can assign tasks to the employees. Employees on their mobile devices can receive tasks from reception or task manager. Task Manager allows employees to better manage their tasks during the work hours. Employees throught the app can change the status of task, which is automatically (in real time) reported to the responsible person. Task Manager can be used for: maids and cleaning staff, janitor and maintaince staff, reception and hotel staff, sos distress signal, do not disturb signal, any kind of hotel operations and much more.

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