Don't let your clients wait in queue anymore! IDR document readers are ideal for any kind of business with direct customer contact such as hotels, rent-a-car, banks, Telecom companies and other. Within 2-3 seconds, you can obtain all the data from a document directly into your PMS. Scanning process starts automatically using a movement sensor. After the scan you can immediately return the documents to your clients. With IDR, check-in and data collection process becomes faster and more accurate than ever which allows you to dedicate more time to your client. One document scan is equivalent to more then 10 manual entries.

IDR supports standard and non-standard documents from 190 countries such as ID cards, passports, e-passports, visas and driving licenses. With our customized OCR (optical character recognition) we are able to read extra documents such as visit cards and others. IDR uses three types of technology: the OCR, MRZ (machine readable zone) and RFID (radio frequency identification). Combination of all three sources allows greater accuracy of reading. Special and Cyrillic characters are not a problem anymore, IDR will translate them automatically into your alphabet! IDR is already integrated with some of the biggest software houses and is available in two models:

IDR classic


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